Early identification and appropriate treatment of language and behavior disorders are critical to ensure the best outcomes.

Language plays an important role in the development of social, emotional, thinking, and behavioral skills in children. Therefore, impairment in language development may have a serious impact on other aspects of a child’s development.

Effective communication skills have a direct impact on a child’s learning, behavior, and overall mental health. Collaboratively with parents, Rachel evaluates speech and language skills and defines  every child’s therapy goals with this in mind.

Individual Treatment

Rachel Cortese, MS Ed, MS CCC-SLP offers systematic, evidence-based approaches to remediate speech and language disorders in children and to help parents learn skills to facilitate their child’s speech and language development through their regular, everyday routines.

Diagnostic Evaluations

Rachel performs comprehensive evaluations to thoroughly assess the many aspects of how a child processes and produces speech and language based on what is expected for their age and diagnoses a variety of communication disorders.